Requesting Space

Student groups, faculty and staff may request to reserve a venue at the Prior Performing Arts Center through the Holy Cross Space Request Form. Reservations for student-led events will be made in collaboration with the Office of Student Involvement. Please note, space requests must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the proposed event.

Please note, space requests must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the proposed event. Please also note that request acceptance is limited by calendar availability and the capacity of PAC staff to meet your needs. Where we have both, we will make every effort to accommodate your programming.

Students Arts Groups at Holy Cross

Holy Cross is home to a rich variety of student arts organizations, which rehearse, make art, and perform all over campus. Prospective and current Holy Cross students can learn about these groups here.


Term-length teaching in the Prior Performing Arts Center is scheduled by the Registrar. To bring your class to the center for a specific learning experience, please contact Operations Manager Shannon LoCascio at slocasio@holycross.edu.

Curricular Engagement

To request preparatory materials for your students prior to an Arts Transcending Borders event, please contact Assistant Director of Arts Transcending Borders Marta Beyer at mbeyer@holycross.edu. Classroom visits with PAC staff before or after an Arts Transcending Borders event may also be available, subject to staff availability.

Community Partners and Artist Residencies

The Prior Performing Arts Center aims to support and amplify the work of existing community-facing programs at Holy Cross such as Arts Transcending Borders, the Donelan Center for Community-Based Learning, the J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World, and Scholarship in Action

 The launch of the center meanwhile offers new opportunities for community partnerships and co-productions as well as the chance to enhance our offerings in the arts at Holy Cross by staging encounters with pathbreaking artists and creative thinkers across the country and the world. In this vein we collaborate with local community organizations and other arts organizations to produce an array of short- and longer-term artist residencies at the Prior Performing Arts Center.